Connecting with Others

Lately, I have been doing a lot of personal challenges. One of them is communicating and connecting with others with little social media. When I use social media it is not the most efficient way to communicate with others. Instead of having meaningful conversation, it feels like a one sided outline. Where I like the things posted and I like what information is presented to me. I am interested in a continued bonding with my friends and family. I do know some people using social media is essential based on which country they live in. It is a cheaper alternative to an international phone plan. I have been longing for a deeper connection with the people I care about and I started to make a set of daily social goals to help me communicate more with my friends and family.

Message a friend or family member daily: I have many family and friends in my life so this is a reasonable goal for me. It does not need to be the same person each day.

Phone/Video Chats: I sometimes video chat with people but I have not done so consistently. I love to talk on the phone, it is easier than texting someone especially if you usually text long messages. I do not like to text slang.

Go out the house once a week: When everything gets better, I want to have more outings. I am not in university and I will most likely not be in a school setting again. I would love to spend more time with my friends having in person outings.




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