Awake from my slumber

For the last month, I took a break from my blog and I continued my social media break. I spent time with myself and stayed in a space of comfort. I can not work because of the pandemic so I have been staying at my parents house. I have been enjoying many moments. I watched many movies and tv shows, sewed, and did many other activities. Below are some of my favorite things I have done during social distancing!

Cooking & Sewing

I cooked a lot before the pandemic but I only had time for quick meals because of university. I had time to try more recipes and make things that I like with no rush. It has been nice, cooking is therapeutic for me.

I did some sewing, it is also therapeutic. However, it takes lots of patience. I sew both by hand and machine. I also sewed before the pandemic but I did not have my machine with me during university.

Donated to period organization

After reading Period Power I decided to make a goal for myself. My goal is to donate to the menstrual movement for a year. I like to donate and volunteer to an organization that I am passionate about.

I read period power by Nadya Okamoto

This book is amazing. I did a review on it!


My brother graduated high school >.<

I am happy and sad. He will be going to university in the fall!

My sister had a birthday! Got to celebrate and have a nice family meal.

My mother and sister have been working from home! It has been fun having them around.

My sister and I watched all seasons of Lucifer. Now we are waiting on the fifth season!

Meditating and Relaxing

My favorite activity overall was meditating and relaxing. Some days I would just lay in bed, look outside, take walks around the neighborhood, and be at peace. My anxiety and stress levels have been low because I have not been at work. Even though I am not getting an income right now. I am happy for the time to heal and rest. I was wanting a time since last summer and my wishes have been granted. I can not say that I missed working but I do miss the rides to and from work. I miss the people and I miss being able to sing every week for pay. For now, I am going to continue to enjoy my peace and comfort.

Stay Safe,




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