No Spend April

In April, I decided to do a no spend challenge. I thought it was a perfect time to cut back on unnecessary spending and focus on only saving. I got my last paycheck at the end of March. I planned to pay my bills at the end of March and refrain from spending.


I was tempted through the first week. I had many things that I wanted to buy and try out.

One of the things I wanted was toothpaste tablets. I really want to try them. They look like candy, lol.

One thing that is a constant spend is desserts. I have a sweet tooth for certain desserts. I like to eat cake, pudding, gummies, etc. I like sweet treats. I depended on the desserts a bought before I started the challenge.

The other constant spend is fashion. Most times I spend money on sleep wear and intimates. I like wear comfy clothing around the house. I do not like to wear outside clothes indoors.

Every month a spend money on my mensuration cycle. I spend most of my money on supplies, cravings, and relief. I pamper myself because I have the privilege to be comfortable during my period. I prepared in advance with supplies.


I spent nothing from April 1st to April 29th. I want to say it was easy and there was nothing to buy. It was not. I am an avid online shopper and I can persuade myself to buy something I believe will benefit me. I had a planned shopping day on April 30th and I did not know when I would be at the grocery store again. I bought some things for the next weeks. Overall, I prepared to not spend and it worked. I prepared for anything that may cause spending and it was a well thought out plan.


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