Qveen Herby

Qveen Herby is one of my favorite music artist. She is a singer-songwriter and rapper. I enjoy her musical and fashion style. She is part of the duo Karmin (on hiatus). Her musical style as Qveen Herby is mesmerizing and catchy. Below I rated her EPs from favorite to least.

Ratings (Favorite to Least)-

EP4, Tiny Piano, EP3, EP2, EP6, EP7, EP8, The Vignettes, EP5, EP1



My favorite EP to date! I love this whole EP. Each song is fun to sing along with. 

1. Beverly Hills

2. Alone

3. $IP (featuring Sonyae Elise)

4. Nintendo

5. Pray For Me (featuring Farrah Fawx)

Tiny Piano

Second Fav EP. I loved everything from this EP. These are acoustic covers of songs from previous EPs. I repeat these songs frequently.

1. BDE [live]

2. Mint [live]- My favorite from this EP

3. Sade In The 90s [live]


Third Fav EP. This album has a beautiful aesthetic.

1. SADE IN THE 90S- My favorite from this EP




5. LIVIN’ THE DREAM- This song is inspiring.


Fourth favorite EP! Love every song! Every song worked well together.

1.Wifey- This song is full of deserved respect.

2. Bank (featuring Monogem& Maliibu Miitch)

3. Holiday

4. Well Dressed

5. Love Myself- My favorite from this EP


Fifth Fav EP. I loved the music video from this EP. 

1. New B***h

2. Mint- My favorite song after the live version was released

3. Mozart (featuring Blimes & Gifted Gab)- My initial favorite from this EP

4. Trophy Girl- I like the vocal line of this song.

5. FWM


Sixth Fav EP. This album has some of the best lyrics.

1. Vitamins- My favorite from this EP. I used to take my daily vitamins to this song! I never forgot to take them. this was a theme song to take vitamins. I should start back listening to this. I have definitely missed some days to take my vitamins.

2. Pink Cadillac

3. Cheap Talk- My favorite from this EP

4. Before

5. Confetti


Seventh fav EP. The newest album that just dropped. I love the vibe of this album.

1. Sugar Daddy- My favorite song from this album.

2. Dump Truck

3. Mind Games- This song is a bop.

4. Check

5. Self Aware (ft. Durand Benarr)

The Vignettes

Fav Album cover fashion! Eighth Fav EP. This EP songs are melodically playful.

1. S.O.S.

2. Strange Dreams- My favorite from this EP

3. Mademoiselle


Ninth Fav EP. At first I did not like this album that much. After listening to it some more I reconsidered it to be a great EP.

1. My Man

2. BDE- My favorite from this EP

3. Brunette Ambition

4. 310

5. On God


My least favorite EP. I put this EP last because it was the first one. At the time of this release the style is similar to what was popular in the hip-hop and R&B genre. Her style has changed and it fits her better.

1. Gucci

2. Busta Rhymes- My favorite from this EP. My first song I liked from Qveen Herby.

3. Zombie

4. Wild

5. Til We Get By


Stay Well,



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