Late Spring Feels

I have had an amazing month! It has been filled with strength and well being. I am excited because much things have happened. Currently, I am mentally and emotionally stable. I am glad that I have been able to focus on my mental and emotional health. It has been a pleasant experience.

Things that have happened-

Plants: I started a frugal herb garden. I am growing by seed so, it is still in germination.

Exercise: I started walking/running in the morning. I used to attend dance classes so this is another way to get my body moving. I also have the opportunity to look at nature.

Summer Adventures: My siblings and I have started another pact. We each picked something that we wanted to read or watch together for the summer. We usually have a book or tv show that we read/watch together to discuss about and share.

I am looking forward to the next few months. This is the first summer of no classes! I am so happy! I hope I can return back to work. It is usually very chill during the summer. I am feeling fantastic.

Stay Well


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