How lucky are we?

2020 has been a year of transformation for the world. This year will forever go down in history as a year of change. From a pandemic, social distancing, covid 19, protesting, black lives matter, allies, and much more. 2020 taught us what is important and what we should value.

I am overcome with joy and happiness is in my heart. I am grateful to be alive witnessing something historical and transforming. In a few years from now children will be taught what happened in 2020 and they will know how their world came to be. I always dreamed and wished that I lived through a revolution. I always wondered what it was like to be alive during civil rights movement and marching with Martin Luther king Jr. My wish came true now I am living history.

The pandemic has changed every aspect of life and how we chose to live it. When people say that we will soon be able to go back to normal. That normal is no more we are going into a new normal where we are more informed, where we are more mindful, where we are more involved in our communities and social change.

The black lives matter movement has made excelling progress in the few months. The organization was officially made in 2013 to create activism on police brutality. Even though this organization was created 6 years ago; the fight against injustice and oppression of black people started centuries ago. Growing up, I experienced what it was like to be different from most of my peers. From my physical traits, my social class, and my culture. I am proud to be apart of a movement that is changing the way people treat and think about black people.

With much change happening, I hope that you find a peace of mind and understanding.

Stay Safe,

Yume ❤

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