Advantages of going to summer school

Hello Everyone, I am going to start a series on my blog called, College Stories. I have mini stories that I would like to tell. I have missed my friends and the atmosphere of being on campus! I will make a post at least once each week.

*This post is not apart of the series but it is college related.

One of my favorite times in an academic year is summer school. I know that sounds dreadful but it is a great time for learning. I went to summer school throughout high school and every year at university. I enjoyed many parts of it. It was the best time for me even though most times I did not want to do homework. Below are some pros and cons.


Not many people on campus– It was great to be able to walk around and hear nature. I could play Pokémon Go more freely and it was peaceful outside. 

Classes went faster- I completed a semester worth of school in 1-2 months. It was grueling sometimes but it was fast paced.

Classes were longer and smaller- I usually had about 12 people in a class on campus and about 17 people online. I never had a huge class. 

More Quiet Places to study and relax- I would always have a space or section to myself. I found many secret hiding spots.

Food Court no long lines except during orientation- I would have no problem getting a meal or a snack. I liked going to Starbucks! It was great to go in the afternoon.


More homework /work load per week–  There was lots of homework everyday of class. Most times professors encouraged or required some homework to be done before the first class. It was challenging to complete homework sometimes.

Not a long break, or none if taking intersession class– I took one may intersession course. There was not much time to procrastinate. The classes started a few days after the graduation ceremonies and then it ended before the first summer block course.

This is my pros and cons for summer school!

Stay Strong






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