College Story: Fried Rice and Boba

Hello Flowers, I have a series on my blog called, College Stories. They are mini stories that I would like to tell about my university experience. I have missed my friends and the atmosphere of being on campus! I make a post at least once each week.

There were many shops and cafes around the university. One of my favorite spots was an Asian Cafe. The prices were affordable and the food was delicious. It was the spot for fried rice and boba. My regular was vegetable fried rice and most times I got Winter Melon milk tea. I am picky about the way tapioca pearls are cooked, so usually I just got the milk tea. It was a spot where me and my friends would talk get a good price meal and enjoy each others company. This spot was a popular spot for many high school and university students. There are many memories eating and bonding in this cafe. I have ate there by myself. I have ate there with friends and family. Every time I went to this cafe it was comfy and great place to be.

Stay Sweet,


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