College Story: Dallas is a special place

Hello Flowers, I have a series on my blog called, College Stories. They are mini stories that I would like to tell about my university experience. I have missed my friends and the atmosphere of being on campus! I make a post every Tuesday and Saturday.

Every year of university I would go to Dallas. It was fun to go to Dallas shop, eat, and spend time with my friends. Below are some special memories I made in Dallas.

I went to a professional symphony and had dinner

The university had extra funds and decided to take a small group to see a symphony and have dinner. It was a great trip because it was my first time listening to Dallas symphonic orchestra.

Dallas B.A.P. Concert

I went to my first Kpop concert with my friend and her cousin. It was a fun concert. I enjoyed seeing one of my favorite Kpop bands live.

Dallas Friends Trip

My friends and I stay in an Airbnb. We went to a Korean BBQ and then sung in Korean Karaoke place. The next day we walked around the city and took pictures. We ate at many other places, my favorite was eating bingsu!

Dallas Friends Trip 2

My friends and I stayed in a hotel. We went ice skating in a mall. Then we went shopping and later to a water park. We took beautiful pictures in a flower garden. We ate plenty of delicious food at another Korean BBQ and we got some snacks at the Hmart.

Family Dallas Trip

My mom’s sister was in Dallas for a sorority event. My family decided to visit my aunt and spend some time with her.

Bachelorette Party

My sister’s friend had a bachelorette and she invited me. It was fun to celebrate a new chapter in someone’s life.

Many amazing moments have happened in this city. I am glad to have many memories in Dallas!

Stay Sweet,


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