College Story: My First and Only Solo in University Choir

Hello Flowers, I have a series on my blog called, College Stories. They are mini stories that I would like to tell about my university experience. I have missed my friends and the atmosphere of being on campus! This is my last post for this series. I do not know if I will continue this series or have another season. However, I loved sharing my stories with you all!

I was a vocal performance (music) major in university and one of my required classes was choir. There were many solo opportunities and everyone was encouraged to audition. If you choose to audition for the song, you would learn and prepare the solo. If chosen you would sing the song during the concert(s). The solo I wanted was for the winter concerts. This solo was one solo I was really interested to get. I really wanted to sing it and it was great for my voice.

Everyday I practiced the solo and dedicated extra time to learn it. I even learn to play the other parts on piano so I could get used to the solo entrances. The day of audition, I got some hot tea and I went to class. I raised my hand to audition and when it was my turn I stood up in front of the class. During the the audition, I thought breath, sustain. I did what I did when I practiced. At the end, I thought I was going to faint. I sat back down for other members to audition. My classmate next to me said my voice was crystal clear.

I few days past and my director made decisions for the soloists. The results were posted online. When I saw my name I could not believe it. I knew I did a good job with the audition but I was unsure I would be picked. There were many talented musicians in the choir. My heart was racing, I tried to stay calm because I was in another class when I checked the audition results. When class was over I went outside and had a happy joy moment. I was smiling and so proud of myself my dream had come true.

The song name Lully, lulla, thou little tiny child by Kenneth Leighton, John Rutter

This is the song if you want to listen to it!

*This is not my choir nor is this me singing the solo!

When I wrote this post, I actually went back and watched my solo for the first time. I guess I have a thing where I do not like to watch myself sing. I think it was great to finally watch my performance. It was pleasantly wonderful to hear my voice as someone who would hear it in the audience. I miss performing and singing in choir.

Be Proud of Your Talents,


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