How Exercise Affected My Mensuration Cycle

For the month of June and July, I have been exercising everyday and I noticed a change in my mensuration cycle. I am aware that exercise and any athletic activity affects the body cycle. I have danced continuously for two years so, I am not sure if that affected anything. I have had consistent cycles. I usually have every PMS symptom and for this month it has changed.

Usually I have PMS symptoms for a 1-2 weeks before my actually mensuration. These are the changes I noticed.


Cravings: They were not as strong.

Cramping: I only had cramps during mensuration. I usually experience cramps a week before.

Headache: I did not have one. I usually experience at least one headache during PMS and mensuration.

Mood: My mood remained the most consistent. I was irritated, sad, etc.

Nausea: It was better but I was still nauseous.

Other PMS symptoms: They were slim. I had less insomnia.

Overall, exercising has improved my PMS and moon time. I hope I can continue to incorporate exercise in my daily lifestyle.

Stay Well,


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