Shedding is Painful

I wrote this during a day that I had a mini mental breakdown. I was so upset and discouraged. I had been feeling this way for awhile. I do not know if it was me finally reacting to the pandemic and feeling the effects of being inside a bunch or me just having a rough day. I try so hard to push myself but most times I over do it. I wanted to share it because I do believe this year has been a great year for me mentally and emotionally. I have had much progress with shedding old habits and letting go of my insecurities and my doubts.

*Disclaimer here

My Breakdown:

No one tells you that it is hard to love yourself. Society loves to show everything positive and happy. It is nice until you start wanting to hate yourself for not being as accomplished. I am not supposed to compare myself but I can not help but feel pathetic and sorry for myself. This whole self love journey has been disappointing. I am planting seeds in a dead garden. I am tired of constantly fighting myself and my mind.

I hope this reminds me and encourages others to be nice to yourself. If you happen to have a breakdown, do what helps you best.

Stay Well,


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