Introducing Ms. Few

Hello Flowers,

I thought it would be a good time to reintroduce myself. Many things have changed since I first introduced myself in 2016.

I have two blogs. On this blog I go by Yume. Sakura Blühen is about my mental and emotional journey. I have made another blog that I have been posting on. Recently, I started making progress in my eco sustainable living journey. I want to introduce my blog Frugal Eco Warrior. On this blog I go by Ms. Few and I talk about frugality, eco living and finance.

September 2020 posting schedule:

*Sakura Blühen posts on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Follow the sakurabluhenblog tag

*Frugal Eco Warrior posts usually on Friday. Follow the msfewblog tag

I enjoy writing as one of my creative outlets. I still write as a hobby and I hope to continue improving my writing skills. I have many other interest such as, video content, fashion, and photography. I hope what I write is entertaining or helps you in some way.

With Love,


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