The Hardest Part of My Self Care and Self Love Journey

Hello Flowers,

Do you have an unhealthy habit? I have an unhealthy habit of not wanting to wash my hair and not brushing my teeth every night. I know this is gross. I should not be neglecting my health and avoiding taking care of myself. I know I need to wash my hair and brush my teeth more but I do not feel like it. I make the excuse of not having enough energy. This same excuse is used when I want to do any self care maintenance. I do not take care of my hair or my teeth as well as a should.

I have chemically straightened hair to reduce wash time. In university, I made the decision to chemically straighten my hair to reduce the amount of time spent doing hair. I would wait the longest I could until I had to wash my hair, this habit has remained. When I know my hair is dirty I spray dry shampoo in my hair for weeks, replacing an actual wash. Dry shampoo is for a quick clean not a great choice for not washing your hair for a month.

A Solution: Record date and plan when I wash, dye, or do any hair maintenance.

Sometimes, I do not brush my teeth before bed. I like midnight snacks and that is not good for dental hygiene. I share a bathroom with lots of people and I do not like getting out of bed to brush my teeth. I usually brush my teeth when I wake up and/or shower. I recently have tried to refrain from eating around 8pm. That is not a consistent solution.

A Solution: Use toothpaste tablets and keep near bedside.

For me self care is self love. I do not take care of myself because it is rooted in self hate. I never liked my hair or my teeth. So, I do not care for my hair and my teeth. I have dedicated so much time practicing self love mentally and emotionally because that is where my self hate occurs the most. When it comes to self care that is apart of self hate for me. I know that self care and self love is different but for me the two have intertwined. If I do not care for myself, it is because I did not make the time. I do not care about it because it is not something I love.

Take care of yourself,


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