No Spend August!

In August, I decided to do a no spend challenge. I thought it was a perfect time to do another challenge. I cut back on unnecessary spending and focused on only saving. I got my last paycheck at the end of July. I payed my bills at the end ofJuly and refrained from spending.


First Week- It was rough to not buy things. I had lots of things I wanted to spend money on. The main things I wanted to buy was a camera, a luggage case, and a handbag. I also resisted tax free weekend!

Second Week– I wanted to buy other miscellaneous things. This week I successfully resisted the urge to spend on anything. I found some frugal, DIY alternative options to buying cash envelopes.

Third Week– I had no desire to spend money on anything.

Fourth Week– I meet up with an old friend for lunch so I spent $10.98. I was tempted to spend money on other things and Starbuck’s released their PSL very early this year, yeah!


August 1st – August 31st, I spent $10.98! I am so proud of myself. There were lots of sales because of school. I am no longer a student, so I have no need for school supplies. I have a good sized wardrobe so no need for new clothes. I have the basics of what I need right now. Overall, I had planned to spend but I realized I am currently in need of saving. This was a great challenge to help with my spending monster.

Keep Saving,

-Yume 🖤🖤

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