Struggling To Learn Another Language

I lost my passion to learn other languages. Currently, I do not want to learn another language. I only speak English. Learning another language is not beneficial for me and I feel bad because I always wanted to be bilingual. I have tried 20+ languages to learn (not all at once) and I failed to become fluent in all of them. It was hard. I do not live in a place where a can learn a second language fluently. I have tried many study help and tips on how to surround myself with the language I was learning. I have memorized and sung in many foreign languages, Spanish, Latin, German, Italian, French, and many more for my work and productions. In school, it was constantly encouraged to learn another language because of a higher pay, high IQ or communication with others. I feel like bad because I made the decision to not become fluent in another language. I know that I am not a failure but it feels like I am because me being monolingual makes me feel dumb. It makes me appear closed off to other cultures and that makes me sad. I may never be fluent in another language but I will stay open minded to other languages and cultures.

With Love,


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