I Love My Period

I love my body and I love my period! Being able to have a period is a blessing. Some woman experience horrible periods with lots of painful cramping and blood, while others experience no irregular periods or none at all. Having a healthy period can be a great sign of fertility. Painful periods could be signs of endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome and other health issues. I meditate and recite my own personalized mantras to help with any heavy emotional process. I have personalized mensuration mantras. I make my own mantras to help me with whatever I need in the moment. I made one for PMS/Periods to get through this natural process and remind myself of the blessing of shedding blood/bleeding. One simple mantra I have is “My body is strong”. This is one of my favorite mantras to recite because it gives me confidence to trust in my body. It reminds me of how beautiful the human body can be.

Stay Strong,


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