December Schedule, Happy Thanksgiving

This is my last post until December! I am taking a break to with family and friends for Thanksgiving!

The USA election!

I am a proud POC American woman! I am so happy with the results. I usually volunteer with voting elections so I was working during this election! I am delighted that Kamala Harris is the first Woman Vice President in the USA! She is also a Biracial (Black & South Indian) Woman. I was not expecting myself to be as emotional as I was learning the results.

COVID-19 and the Pandemic!

As the holidays arrive and the end of the year is near, I hope everyone stays safe! This year has been a better year for me. I am happy that I got some good things out of this year that I never get during a normal year. I usually have a crappy, frustrating, and disappointing year. I feel a little bad knowing so many people had a horrible year. 2020 was not my “life changing” year, but 2021 may hold some great things for me.

December 2020:

SB- Every Tuesday

FEW– Blogmas, Insta: @fewlifestyle

Stay Grateful,


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