Year Review, 2020

So last year, I made some goals that I wanted to accomplish in 2020. I will go over each one and see how much progress I made. Last year’s post JAN ’19 and DEC ’19

♥Update Wardrobe

I only added one skirt and one sweater.

♥Save for savings

I started off good with this goal then the pandemic happened. I will continue to save through tough times.

♥Pay off 25% student debt

I have payed off some of my student debt. I payed off around 2% of my loans. I have one loan that I have been paying throughout the pandemic and the other loans will be due in 2021.

♥Improve Relationships

I could have done better with this goal. My relationships are good but they are not excellent. I think this is something I will work on.

♥Read 1 book minimum per month

This did not happen.

♥Reduce sugar intake

This did not happen.

♥Dance Class

I did not succeed with this goal. I wanted to continue dancing as exercise, however I am still trying to find a way to incorporate dance into my lifestyle.

♥Learn more Recipes

I have learned many new recipes this year! I made many recipes and made them into YouTube videos!

These are goals from 2019 but I succeeded this year so I will include it!

♥Start Business

I thought that I was not going to succeed in creating my business this year. I discussed my feelings about failing to start my business here. However, since I made that post. In November, I decided to start my business. I have an Etsy store called The Few Shop. If you want you can follow my store on Instagram, @thefewshop. I still can not believe it! I am glad that I decided to have faith in this new life path.

♥Upkeep budgeting

I did well with this goal! I will keep up the good work!

♥Continue Self Love

I LOVE MYSELF! This goals is always important!

♥Improve Sewing Skills

I improved a little bit. I made many things with my sewing machine this year.

♥Be Eco Friendly, Recycle More

I could have done better with this goal! I am still working on this.

Stay Warm,


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