List of Dating, Romance and Wedding Shows

I made a mega list of reality shows that feature dating, romance and wedding topics. Some of these shows are my favorites and some I have yet to watch. Please enjoy if you are interested! (The hearted shows are my favorites).


♥Love is Blind- singles date each other and try to find a match without seeing each other.

Dating Around- a single goes on five first blind dates.

Diva Brides- Similar show to bridezilla.

*There is a wide selection of romantic tv shows and rom-com movies to enjoy!


Help us get married- three couples try planning their weddings with the help of the Facebook community.

Virtual Dating- singles go on dates.


♥Disney Fairytale Weddings- couples get married at Disney.


♥Save the Dates- An interactive comedy about the love life of Chelsea, who turns a blind date into four parallel-reality courtships.

What’s Good- Through his choices, Saul, a skeptic, tests the limits of his commitment and capacity for self-sabotage to Mal, a spiritual seeker.

Snap Originals:

♥Phone Swap- Two people go on a blind date and have to swap phones.

Wrong Distance Relationship- a doc-drama featuring three couples.

Celebs Go Dating- celebrities go on dates with the help of the celebrity dating agency.

Speed Dating- celebs speed date fans.

First Dates- a first date restaurant for singles.


♥Say Yes to the Dress- bride dress shopping.

­♥Four Weddings- four brides/couples compete for a paid honeymoon. the couple with the best wedding wins.

Married at First Sight- singles matched by professionals for marriage.

90 day Fiancé- marriage for green cards.

Love Island (UK)- singles paired up on an island.


The Bachelorette- a women trying to find love amongst a group of men.

The Bachelor- a man trying to find love amongst a group of women.

Bachelor in Paradise- a man trying to find love amongst a group of women in paradise.



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