Valentine’s Day Singles

Valentines day is seen as a couples holiday making some single people feeling left out. There have been so many people I know that long to participate in this holiday. You can be single and celebrate valentines day!

Be Your Own Valentine! A few years ago I started some valentine traditions that I still do today. I no longer feel left out and lonely on this holiday. I purposely love myself everyday and during the holidays. I gift myself flowers, chocolates, and I make myself a delicious dinner. I love making myself happy and putting myself first.

Galentines/Palentines! Celebrate with your friends. Give your best pals gifts and eat dinner together. It helps you include everyone regardless of their relationship status!

Pet Valentines! Some people celebrate with their pets! This is the cutest option! Include your pet in the celebration and give them treats!

Quarantine! This year with the pandemic still going on, some people may choose to do virtual events and celebrations. You can send actual cards or e-cards. Have a virtual party! There are many things you can do!

With Love,


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