My Vacation is Over/Back from Wonderland

Dear Flowers,

I have been taking a blogging break to have fun! I have had fun learning, trying different beauty and makeup styles, and enjoying my everyday life. I have enjoyed the last months working, relaxing, and spending time with family and friends.

In February, I was about to post a blog and I did not feel like writing. I decided to wait the next week and then I choose to take a break. I never took a break to relax. It is always a break to do other things then I would return to writing. I did not have a planned date that I was going to return. I even thought of never writing on my blog again because I began to question if I liked writing anymore. I have been wanting to experiment with videography. I have little experience and I want to improve this creative outlet. For now I will continue writing.

During my break, I had so much fun making memories with my loved ones. I have grown in understanding my mental and emotional health. I had a chance to travel while being safe (mask and social distancing). I also participated in a pageant. I needed this break to collect my thoughts and allow myself to enjoy my life. I am proud of myself for listening to what my mind and body needed.

I am glad to return and be able to express my thoughts with you. There is no official schedule for this month. However, I plan to post once a week.

Join the YouTube Flower squad here!

Keep Blooming With Love,


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