College Story Pt 2: Meeting You

Hello Flowers, last year I started a series on my blog called, College Stories. They are mini stories about my university experience. This year is College Stories Pt 2. I make a post every Thursday and Sunday.

Meeting Bad Boy Handsome

I was working a student position at the school office. There was less than 10 minutes left until I could go home and get ready to celebrate the Mid Autumn festival. I was browsing the internet like normal, then I saw a request that someone was waiting in the lobby. I called the person back and he walked in the cubicle where I was waiting. The person walked around the corner and I froze. Bad Boy Handsome was tall and handsome. He had a big grin and walked with style. When he sat down, I was breathless and my heart racing.

I tried my best to stay professional while I worked. I could not stop smiling. After I was done working on his file, we decided to talk more. There was only a few minutes left before I got off work. Bad Boy Handsome decided to stay in the office to talk with me. The more we talked the more I wanted to know more about him. We bonded over our shared passion of K culture, school, and traveling. We left the office and continued our talk. He walked me to my dorm and we hugged goodbye. When I got in my room I screamed in delight because he is so cute. Then, I went ahead and got ready for the Mid Autumn festival later that night.

Believe in Romance,


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