College Story Pt 2: Seattle Trip

Hello Flowers, last year I started a series on my blog called, College Stories. They are mini stories about my university experience. This year is College Stories Pt 2. I make a post every Thursday and Sunday.

First solo trip

*long story

I always wanted to travel when I was younger. I would always imagine what it would be like to travel to places I had never been to and experience life in that place. Before taking my first solo trip I had been wanting to take a break and get away from my current routine. I had meet up with one of my friends and we talked about her travels. She encouraged me to try and go someone be myself. After our talk, I looked online to where I would be interested in going. I remember one of my classmates went to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. I looked it up and discovered it was in Seattle. I then began to research Starbucks and Seattle. I had been interest in Seattle before and I thought that it would be nice to go there. I looked up the prices of the tickets and Airbnb. That evening I was set with my plan to go to Seattle. A month later, the day to leave for my solo trip approached. I remember getting ready in my dorm before going to the airport. I was so excited, the sun was shining warmly in the sky.

I had a red eye flight so I went to sleep on the plane. When I got to Seattle it was still dark out and I was not able to go to my Airbnb until the late afternoon. I went to Ihop and stayed there awhile. I soon went to a near by university to finish my homework that I did not get to finish at home. When I was done, I went to eat at the Plum Bistro a vegan resturant. I had the best meal ever. It was so delicious. I went to the NEKO Cat Cafe next. I loved playing with the cute cats. I had so much fun, I made a reservation before so I was guaranteed a spot in the cat room. Afterwards, I had dinner and went to my Airbnb. I had a whole space to myself and it was such a cute guest house.

The next day, I went to a breakfast place. I went to Sweet Iron Waffle Bar. I had waffles with a strawberry topping. Afterwards, I walked through Pike Pier for a few hours. there is a lot to do in this area. I made my way to the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum. I loved the art pieces, this was another place I wanted to see. I then went to Starbucks and Target. The Target was a three-story with elevators. I loved this Target, it had everything that I needed. I got socks because I had open toed sandals the whole trip. I need some warmth on my feet. I also got some candy, lip balm, and a charger. For the rest of the day I went shopping.

The next day, I went to the Seattle Museum of Pop Culture and an amazing Vietnamese restaurant, Green Leaf. I then found a cute bakery, Cupcake Royale that sold cupcakes and sorbet. I got lemon basil sorbet and a lemon cupcake with water. It was the best dessert I had on the trip! >.< yum.

The last day, I checked out of my Airbnb and I went to Ihop again. I went to a nearby shopping outlet and then to the mall. In the mall, I sat at the library and then walked around. When it got closer to my flight time. I went to Jolibee and then went to the airport. I felt sad knowing that I was leaving. I did not stay for long. During the flight, I spent the time already missing the beauty of Seattle.

If you want to see some pictures from my trip go to my instagram page: @sakurabluhen. Follow me for updates!

Go on adventures,


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