College Story Pt 2: Winter Christmas Lights

Hello Flowers, last year I started a series on my blog called, College Stories. They are mini stories about my university experience. This year is College Stories Pt 2. I make a post every Thursday and Sunday.

Winter Memories

During the holiday break, Gem and Crystal both invited me to holiday activities. I decided it would be better to go as the three of us instead of me going with each friend individually. Gem picked Crystal and I up, then we went to Target. We got some drinks and snacks from Starbucks and decided on where we wanted to go. We could not decide so I decided to flip a coin and called heads. We were going to go to the outdoor Christmas light displays. When we got to place were they had the Christmas light displays, we were excited to take pictures and see the lights. There were many people there enjoying the festivities so there were other people in our pictures. We then proceeded to go to the other side of the place. There was a carousel, ferris wheel and other attractions. I went on the carousel with Crystal and then we all went on the ferris wheel together. When we got on the ferris wheel, it started creaking. I was so nervous to be on it. I began to make sarcastic remarks and take pictures of me and my friends. We were one of the first people to board so we had to wait until the other passengers got on the ride. So we screamed every time the wheel moved. Finally, the ride began and it was so fun. I remember laughing nervously with my friends and as we were holding on to the little bar in front of us. When we got off we were so thankful to still be alive. What a thrill! We proceeded to take more pictures. Then, I got brave and started dancing to the Christmas music they had playing. I was surrounded by beautiful lights and displays! How could I resist. We decided to leave after a few hours of being outside in the cold. We got in the car and ended our trip eating at Ihop.

Stay Sweet,


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