College Story Pt 2: Eating Bubur Ayam

Hello Flowers, last year I started a series on my blog called, College Stories. They are mini stories about my university experience. This year is College Stories Pt 2. I make a post every Thursday and Sunday.

It was in my last semester of university. I was consistently working and studying. I had very few breaks in the year. However, I was determined to power through the end of my studies. I wanted to be done with school. It was an unneeded stress in my life that I began to hate. Mentally and emotionally, I had been depleted of energy. I was feeling the pressure everyday. One afternoon, I got the chills. I went about my day just thinking maybe I was just cold. By the time I returned back to work I felt bad but I still did not think it was serious. I did my shift at work and rushed home. It took me so long to get in my apartment and get under my covers. I know in this moment, I was sick and I could not go out the next day. The evening was rough and I shivered throughout the night. The next day I stayed home. I emailed my professors that morning notifying them of my health status. The next couple of days were long. At first, I was sad I got sick because I had so much to do. I realized that even though I am sick, I needed this break. My body demanded that I slow done and get rest. When I went to the doctor, I was told I had strep throat. I go strep throat every year in university. It was weird because I usually get sick from strep in the spring. I had a recital in less than a month that determined if I graduated! My roommate took me to get my medicine and then her mom cook for me. She made bubur ayam. It was so delicious. It was one of the things that made me happy during my sickness. The taste of soupy grain and lime soothed my throat. I had bubur ayam for a few days then I regained my appetite. I tried my best to not think about school and focus on myself for a bit. I was out for a week. I made sure I enjoyed my time away and got back my health.

Stay Well,


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