Advantages of going to summer school

I like summer school.

Sharing Space with a Roommate: 4 Tips

In university there is a high chance of having a roommate throughout the time you attend. Sometimes you will have more than one roommate if you choose a bigger housing arrangement. There might be a time that you have to share space and/or share a room. Roommates help with the cost of living and it…

5 Things I miss about Uni

My library job- I miss my old library job. The people were kind and they made the working environment wonderful. I got a lot of work done and I got to get close to my co workers. This job was my favorite job so far. I did not make much but the work experience is unforgettable….

Self Care

Being at university there were many times that I saw friends and other students develop unhealthy habits for school. I do not think sacrificing self care for tests and class grades is worth it. I remember during my first years of university, I developed by habits of staying up every night to do homework. I…

School Motivation

Have you ever had trouble studying or staying motivated in school? I have had those moments when I didn’t feel like doing homework or I was lazy in class. Do not give up! School is supposed to be a challenge but lucky there are many ways to combat those challenges. Some of which have severely…